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I used to be a Republican. . . I even voted for W. Bush the first time. After seeing what the Republicans/Tea-pary is devolving into, I'm really glad I got out when I did. An America where unhappy constituents/activists threaten violence against those who hold different ideas is not my vision of America. An America where unhappy constituents hurl hateful derogatory racial/sexual ephitets at duly elected members of our government is not my vision of America either. Hunting these representatives down and breaking their windows is earily reminiscant of what the Nazis did around WWII, it may not be the same as Krystalnacht, but I won't lie, it IS the first thing that comes to mind, along with similar examples of the violence commited durring the Civil Rights movement. I understand you are angry, and hurt, and the way the media covers things practically encourages these sorts of activities. . I know this, but you must know thatit does not excuse, and nothing can condone such activities.

Come back to us, come back to the land of sanity, where reasonable debate can be had and yes, while the majority rules, the minority is also afforded rights, where your serious and fully thought out ideas of fiscal responsability can be laid out and judged on their own merrit. Putting your future in the hands of those who spout paranoia, racism, xenophobia, bad faith, and empty rhetoric helps no one, least of all yourselves. Ask yourself this: What can be gained by treating eachother like unwanted step children? When called in to dinner from playing the child with dirty hands washes them, and upon doing this is called a waster of water, or if the child does nothing, called dirty. A wise man once said that, "Closed minds do not make for open hearts." and "an eye for an eye would leave the whole world blind."

We should be acting like the great people we are, NOT as two children bickering over slights that should be long forgotten, holding grudges that beget violence which in future generations will only beget more violence. We are supposed to be Americans, we are supposed to be recognising the inherent value of all of our fellow men and women and children regardles of RACE, CREED, RELIGION (or lack there of), POLITICAL AFFILIATION, and yes SEXUAL ORIENTATION. We should be fighting ignorance together with education. We should not be revising history, we should be MAKING IT TOGETHER.
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